How to Choose the Right Size Pool Table for Your Home

Have you been hoping to get more practice time on a pool table? A pool table is perfect for a serious player to sharpen their skills or someone who wants a fun addition to their game room. Whether you play casually, amateur, or professional, anyone can benefit from having their own pool table. 

There are many benefits to owning your own pool table. It is a great, timeless investment. Playing billiards not only builds focus and sharpens the mind, but it is also a physical exercise that involves stretching and coordination. 

Before you buy your first (or next) pool table, consider the amount of space you have and need for it. You need adequate room to move around. One of the key factors in figuring out the size of the pool table you would need is including the length of the cue stick. This includes checking all the angles of the space – ensuring that there won’t be unhindered movement or areas that holes could be put into the wall. 

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The more space you have for a pool table, the better; however, there are ways to work around this. Pool tables start at 6 feet, and they can go up to 12 feet. If it is the length of the pool cue that is the problem, cues are made in multiple lengths, including shorter ones. To figure out what size of the room you need is to take the table size and add double the length of the cue stick you’d be working with. If there are obstructions, remember it’s your home; you can create new rules!

Common Pool Table Sizes


A 7-foot pool table or the “bar box” is the size that most people are familiar with. These are typically the size pool table in bars and pubs. With this size of a pool table, the player has to learn to break up tight packs of billiard balls. The table size is 42” by 84” so it can fit in most homes. It is the most affordable and most value for your money. If you’re used to playing in bars, consider the 7-foot pool table.


The Home 8 or an 8-foot pool table is the most popular size for families. These pool tables are tournament sized but still played in amateur and bar leagues. It is the perfect size to maintain flexibility between pool tables and a common ground for all skill levels. The 8-foot pool table is ideal for your home for generations to come. 


The 9-foot pool table may seem daunting for some. It is a large and challenging pool table. In professional, televised tournaments – this is the size table you would see. It requires excellent aim and control. If you are looking to be a professional tournament player, get the 9-Foot pool table and hone your skills. 

A couple of factors determines the perfect size pool table for you. Keep in mind your playing style, experience, room size, and why you’re getting a pool table. One of the ways to decide what size pool table is right for you is to visit a pool hall and try out different sizes. Whatever you decide, Buffalo Billiards has a pool table for you. 

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