3 people playing cutthroat poolWhat is Cutthroat Pool and How Do You Play?

According to recent stats, about 46 million people across America play pool regularly. Whether you’re a pool genius or someone who just likes an occasional night out casually playing billiards with friends, you’re in good company.

And why wouldn’t you be? Pool is fun, intellectual, and provides opportunities to socialize and have fun easily.

Cutthroat pool is one of the most fun and interesting variations of billiards out there. Read on to learn what this game is and how to play so that you can get started with this competitive and amazing game.

What is Cutthroat Pool?

If you aren’t an expert at regular pool, the word ‘cutthroat’ can be a little off-putting when associated with billiards. Luckily, the game’s a lot of fun- there’s nothing at all intimidating about it! It’s just another alternative to regular 8-ball pool that you can play with your friends to spice things up.

The term ‘cutthroat’ with regards to gaming isn’t unique to pool. It refers to many games where players have to fend for themselves in a group of more than three people. That’s how cutthroat pool got its name, but if you prefer to view it as a fun, daring challenge, we aren’t going to stop you.

In order to play a game of cutthroat billiards, you’ll need an odd number of people over three. The general gist of cutthroat pool is that you, an individual player, will be assigned a group of your own billiard balls. The goal is to pocket the balls of each of your opponents before they pocket yours.

If this appeals to you, joining a pool league might be a good idea. However, to become good at cutthroat pool, you’ll want to practice with friends and family before getting competitive.

How Do You Play?

Just like in regular pool, you’re going to try to shoot balls into the pockets of the billiards table. Aim for your opponent’s balls and take a shot. If you make it into a pocket, you’re going to get to keep on shooting until you miss one or make an illegal shot. So the more you hit, the more options you’ll have to make shots in the future!

As players begin to have all their balls pocketed, they’re eliminated from the game. If you’re eliminated, though, you can be put back into the game if your opponent commits a foul. The goal is to be the last player standing with some balls on the table.

Have Fun Playing!

While there are a lot of fun pub games that you can play with your friend, cutthroat pool is by far one of the best.

Now that you know all about cutthroat pool, it’s time to get started. Click here to contact us and ask us any questions you may have about leagues you can join or places you can play casually. We’re happy to talk to you to give you the best pointers on playing billiards, too, so that you can win while you have a good time.