cue ball:  the white ball struck by the cue

call shot:  a game rule requiring the shooter to indicate the ball to be pocketed, the pocket it is to be made in, and all cushions in-between

backspin : a ball rotating in the direction opposite to its travel

frozen ball : a ball that is in contact with another ball

jump shot: a shot in which the cue ball is deliberately made to leave the table surface

scratch: cue ball accidentally goes into a pocket

dog a shot:  miss a shot badly due to pressure, or miss an easy shot due to loss of concentration or focus

sandbagging: playing below your handicap in order to secure easier play

love game: where one player fails to score in a game (aka Shutout)

sharking: the use of devious tactics to psych-out an opponent

clean the table:pocket all the balls that remain on the table

break shot: The first shot of a game

kiss: refers to the contact between balls

dead ball: term for cue ball that loses speed after contact with the object ball

double elimination: term for player eliminated after 2 match losses

full ball: jargon for cue ball touching an intended ball at a line split